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Landscape Solutions

Landscape Solutions


Never underestimate the power of the first impression. Greet your visitors with natural beauty by investing in outdoor landscaping and gardening. Trace Botany has all the capabilities of commercial outdoor landscape design and application. It is important to find a landscaping firm with the ability, experience and ability to complete your project. Trace botany projects approach each of us with a special team and project manager; therefore, you know who is responsible and is a consistent point of contact, regardless of the stage of the project. our portfolio includes both large-scale commercial areas and private housing projects. There is no better way to introduce visitors to your business than to decorate your entrance with lush vegetation. Ark Company works with all kinds of businesses to beautify its entrances with unique designs like the companies themselves. Our landscape architects will work with you to create a welcoming design that inspires and inspires customers and colleagues.


Indoor plants are important for businesses that want to achieve the optimal atmosphere. Plants look great and have health benefits researched around the world. Ark Company botanik offers various interior landscaping methods and services that will improve your work area. What do indoor plants mean to you? Plants go far beyond simple aesthetics. Our designers and landscape engineers create all the interior environments that stimulate the senses. In doing so, we make your employees and customers feel great. From receptions to office floors and common areas, Iz Botanic indoor plant services provide you with a positive and hospitable environment that makes a lasting impression. We illuminate dark building corners with vibrant greenery and greenery, bring color and life to empty walls, and offer your employees new views and fresh scents. Wherever you are, Ark Company Botany designs, builds and serves a wide range of indoor plants, office plants, interior landscaping and a complete indoor facility service for businesses of all types and sizes.


Vertical gardening is a technique used to grow plants in a vertically suspended panel using hydroponics. These unique structures may be independent or attached to a wall. Vertical gardens have been used since ancient civilizations; many modern vertical gardens can last for years and give a pop of nature to today's business. Vertical gardens go by many different names: live green walls, live walls and moss walls just to name a few. Whatever you say to them, these vertical structures of plant life can be as small as a picture frame or as large as a 60-ft wide masterpiece. Vertical gardens can be placed in hotel lobbies, large corporate headquarters and even in a small residential backyard. Vertical gardens not only look impressive, but also make use of the natural calming forces of nature to make you feel more comfortable around you.


Hydroseeding, also known as spray lawn, is a method of removing grass by spraying. Hydroseeding method, which is applied by spraying the organic mixture prepared according to the characteristics of the soil as a result of the studies, provides the best result in the shortest time. The biggest factor in the choice of hydroseeding technique is that it can be applied easily in areas where grass cannot be grown by normal methods. This method, which eliminates the problems arising from both land conditions, elevation differences or slopes, is a widely used method in the world with its practicality and its short-term results.

• It is a technique that does not need to carry soil for germination.
• It is very economical as it eliminates labor, maintenance costs and soil preparation.
• It is very easy and fast to apply. Hundreds of acres can be planted in a few hours.
• Applicable all year round.
• It contains the necessary materials for germination of the seed. This reduces maintenance costs.
• As it includes humidification, it reduces the irrigation in spring and summer by almost half.
• The even distribution of seeds everywhere will enhance the appearance of the planted areas.
• It saves you from choosing suitable soil for the seed. Yield is obtained from all grass seeds.
• It develops protection against rain and wind erosion, one of the problems of our country, 3 hours after the application.
• It removes the effect of garbage waste from the natural life in the fastest way and makes the environment in which it is applied look green.

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